Using Youtube right can give you a huge advantage. Its powerful tools get you to reach a very dedicated audience.

Youtube has been an entertainment institution for many many years. It still evolves and has a lot of potential and under-used resources. Lets explore this massive platform together. Anything can happen!



Youtube is a high-definition platform nowadays. The competition online has increased massively and a production on Youtube needs to be flawless. This doesn't mean crazy expensive. We know how to make something look glossy without a team of 100.


Youtube is packed with great influencers. But how do you know that it's the best match for your brand? Thats what we help you find. With years of experience in both being and hiring influencers we know what to look for.


If you have 4 seconds to get exited, you need to act fast. Otherwise the audience will remove your ad that you spent so much effort in making. This and much more needs to be taken into consideration when using Youtube as your platform.


All communication needs analytics. Google analytics in the best possible tool, but how do you crunch the data? We know!