The mother of social media today. Whatever you are doing online, you can't escape Facebook. But how to you get through the buzz?

Even if Facebook is it's own little universe there are many ways to get you through the mist of posts and chats. We know how to use the algorithm to your advantage and get the organic reach your content deserve.



We help you define a custom-made approach for Facebook, and implement it into your digital strategy.


Why are you scrolling down the feed while watching television, if you still watch television? Because the feed is the best way to get the social news you need. We make sure your feed is up to date and inspiring for your audience.


To initiate personalised buzz, we work closely with our network of influencers on Facebook. Let them embrace organically your brand into their stories.


On Facebook, everything needs to be advertised. Someone saying anything else is lying to you. To get the best out of you posts, we help you push it through that mist.


All communication needs analytics. We help you crunch the Facebook analytics in the best possible way.