Being Live is maybe the hottest thing to be right now.


The magic that can happen if it's executed well is fantastic. The vibrant feeling when you get constant feedback. Our experience in Live broadcasting travels many years back, and combined with our curiosity for new formats you will get the perfect team to get the most out of your event and audience.




Live is instant, but to get your audience to attend or watch it afterwards you need to plan far ahead. We help you define a custom-made approach for your broadcast and implement it into your digital strategy.


A live can be one person and a camera. Or 100 people and the same amount of cameras. We have done all kinds of productions in every kind of size. So let us help you to find the perfect setup for your live and we will execute it.


Do you need a host for a Live? Not always, but it's a great way to attract an audience and to increase the hype of your brand. To initiate that personalised buzz, we work closely with our network of influencers. 


All communication needs analytics. We help you crunch the analytics in the best possible way.