Instagram is the youngest mainstream social media, with endless possibilities.


You could either use the feed to be top of mind, the Story if Ephemeral marketing is your way to go. Or maybe even go Live, the latest feature on the platform. To be honest, a mix of these three would probably be the best solution. But we don't know that, yet...

Instagram has been a hoe for us since it started. Yvan with his niche fashion platform has a unique knowledge on how to grow and stay relevant.



We help you define a custom-made approach for Instagram and implement it into your digital strategy.


We create and produce unique content on your stories. The possibilities to engage with your community are almost infinite. Depending on your needs, it can range from day-to-day presence, to call-to-action formats or to event-related activity.


To initiate personalised buzz, we work closely with our network of influencers on Instagram. Let them embrace organically your brand into their stories.


All communication needs analytics. We help you crunch the Facebook analytics in the best possible way.